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NEW TECHNOLOGY-a summary of advice

How is new technology (online applications, Web-based campus tours, etcetera) changing the college admissions process?

Many respondents called the new technology a great boon to students because it gives them access to so much more information. However, a num­ber of counselors cautioned that nothing replaces visiting the college; other pitfalls cited are that students may not be as careful with online applications as with paper applications, that some colleges may have problems processing online applications, and that online applications may not reach their desti­nation.

“Applying to college has become much easier. With the ease of applying comes complication, however. I worry that students submit applications on­line without proofreading and thinking through their responses. It’s so easy to hit the send button!” —Karen A. Mason, Wyoming Seminary, Kingston, PA

“[New technologies] have dramatically and favorably changed things for our students, who don’t have ready access to campuses in the U.S. We do search­es, applications, campus tours, and more on the Internet. It has made the process so much more accessible.”—Mark Gathercole, International School of Prague

“E-mail is easy for students to use, but often is not read quickly enough. I get the impression that colleges are having trouble keeping up with the tech­nology.”—Barbara Ward Meyer, Mount St. Dominic Academy, Caldwell, NJ

“Students are able to connect with more people on a college campus. It is common to first request materials from an admission office, ask questions of faculty members, chat with a coach, and even view class discussions that are posted on line.” —Alisha H. Glaser, Lake Forest Academy, Lake Forest, IL