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DOUBLE DEPOSITING-a summary of advice

Is it your sense that double depositing [sending in a commitment to attend and a nonrefundable deposit to more than one school] is on the rise? How do you deal with this issue with your students and parents? What steps do you take when you become aware of double depositing?

While some counselors said that they weren’t aware of this being a problem in their schools, others noted that they did sense that double depositing was on the rise. All who saw it as a problem said they made it clear to students and their parents that double depositing was wrong, and that it was a dis­service to students, high schools, and colleges alike. Some counselors said they felt that only sending out one official transcript-x solved the problem. Others said that were they aware of double depositing, they would give the student the opportunity to right the wrong before the counselor himself called the colleges in question to make them aware of the situation.

“We strongly discourage [double depositing] for multiple reasons. First and foremost, it is important for students to make a decision and not hold a spot that could rightfully go to another deserving student. Second, I want stu­dents to make their choice and celebrate it—wear their sweatshirt with pride, put their sticker on the car, have their school choice appear in the school or local newspaper, etc.” —Alisha H. Glaser, Lake Forest Academy, IL

“Double depositing is unethical and can easily lead to having admission revoked to both colleges/universities. If I were to discover that one of our students had sent two or more deposits, I would offer him/her a few min­utes in which to call the institutions involved, or I would call them myself. Our school depends on its reputation and cannot allow a student or family to jeopardize it.” —Robert Patrick, Montgomery Bell Academy, Nashville, TN

“We make it very plain to students that they can deposit at only one school, and we make it very plain that we will send a final senior transcript-x to only one school. We cooperate fully with any colleges that uncover a double-deposit situation.” —Brad Trevathan, Culver Academies, Culver, IN

“While there are situations where one is sorely tempted to double deposit just to ensure the student has a place for the fall, I will counsel parents and students to call the admissions office, explain the situation, and try to work something out with them. I have always found admissions officers more than willing to help, as long as one is honest with them.” —Belinda Chung, St. Andrew’s Priory, Honolulu, HI

“I do not support double depositing unless there is a very unusual situation. An example is a girl whose mother has cancer. She really wanted to go to the East coast but depending on how her mother’s health progresses, she may have to stay close by. Both schools were informed of the situation and were understanding.” —Judith Quest, Duchesne Academy, Omaha, NE