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Debate & Writing - Ư
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Ʒ NBUS ī̸ α׷, ٳⰣ ޿ 米 Ͽ츦 ȯ(̱ ̵ ) Ϲ ġ , Ƿ 뷫 ҰԴϴ.
       : 6 7 (1), 6 28(2)

Class  : л 6- ٶϴ.


Debate & Essay Composition

Instructor: Mario Garcia

Office: NBUS ENGLISH INSTITUTE      Phone: 556-1571, 2

Text and Materials

l On Writing Well, William Zinsser

l Grammar Girls Quick and Dirty Tips for the Better Writing, Mignon Fogarty

l A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, Kate L. Turabian

l Six Easy Pieces: Essential of Physics, Explained by its Most Brilliant Teacher, Richard P. Feynman

l "Surely Youre Joking, Mr. Feynman!": Adventures of a Curious Character, Richard P.

Frankenstein, Mary Shelley

l Dracula, Bram Stoker

l (Further Reading will be assigned according to students ability)

l Case Study Presentation

Course Philosophy and Objectives

The class will be divided into three sections:

  • Personal: Writing about ourselves, our life, and our interest.
    In this portion of the course we will examine the works by Richard P. Feynman and students will write a 3~4 page personal essay.

  • Critical Review of(Serious) Non-Fiction: This section of the course will be given as a primer on how to read advanced texts critically. The purpose of this unit will be to teach students to Differentiate works that are based on serious,disciplined intellectual thought from those that are given from a pedestrian point of view. Students will write a 3-4 page critical review.

  • Position paper: In this segment of the class, students will be taught how to write an argumentative essay on a social conflict of their choosing. The readings assigned during this portion of the course will depend on the interests and abilities of the students. Students will write a 5-6 page essay that will require some independent research.

Course Schedule

Monthly Outline (Tentative)


Saturday 16:00 ~17:30 Issue Analysis &Debate

                17:30~19:00 Essay Writing (Interactive)

Sunday    16:00 ~17:30 Issue Analysis &Debate

                17:30~19:00 Essay Writing (Interactive)

July: Debate& Essay Composition

Saturday   16:00 ~17:30 Issue Analysis &Debate

                  17:30~19:00 Essay Writing (Interactive)

Sunday      16:00 ~17:30 Issue Analysis &Debate

                  17:30~19:00 Essay Writing (Interactive)

August: Debate& Essay Composition-Presentation (Case Study)

Saturday   16:00 ~17:30 Issue Analysis &Debate-Presentation (Case Study)

                   17:30~19:00 Essay Writing (Interactive)

Sunday       16:00 ~17:30 Issue Analysis &Debate-Presentation (Case Study)

                    17:30~19:00 Essay Writing (Interactive)

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